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Syntoria Bryant has an energetic and passionate personality that is dedicated to educating and servicing today’s business professional. After obtaining her degree in Business Management from Valdosta State University, the Atlanta native began her nail career at age 22. She obtained her certification in Nail Technology in 2012 from ISSNMT in Atlanta, GA, and has been mentored and trained by some of the best of the nail industry. Specializing in mixed media nail art, her subtle creativity and attention to detail is what allows her to thrive amongst the most popular nail technicians in her city. Her primary focus in nail care is the safety of her clients, which separates her from competitors. She establishes her niche in the nail industry through the education of nail care accompanied by uniquely trending nail art designs

as shown in her portfolio.


Syntoria believes the elite nail care services she provides, combined with

the latest nail art trends, creates a work of art that states who her clients

are as individuals even in the most ordinary of corporate settings.

These ideals have advanced the brand of NailzbyTori. The

concept of the name is simple- to create nice, clean, elegant

nails with a twist. NailzbyTori continues to elevate

conservative individuals from their comfort zone

leaving clients of all ranges fulfilled after

every service.

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