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See What Has Changed With COVID-19...

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Georgia State Board of Cosmetologists and Barbers recommends reopening barber and cosmetology salons and shops with the following strict guidelines in order to protect the safety of clients and employees. The recommendations should be used in conjunction with the board rules for safety and sanitation that are currently in place. Keep in mind that these guidelines will be in effect during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic and may be adjusted as necessary. Please be mindful these are recommendations and they are not mandatory, unless otherwise stated. However, the NailzbyTori Salon Suite will be enforcing these recommendations as they have now become apart of salon policies.

Please take the time to review our Salon Policies and these guidelines as they have become our new norm in operating within the beauty industry.

COVID-19 Preventative Measures

covid-19 questionnaire

Each client must be asked the following questions prior to entering the facility. If a response of yes is provided, your appointment will be cancelled and you will be asked to return home. Due to strict policy in regards to scheduling, if cancelled, you still may incur a charge per the cancellation policy. The fee will be applied to the card that was placed on file at the time of scheduling. I ask that if you feel a response of “yes” may be provided, that you reschedule your appointment at a later date no later than 24 hours in advance to avoid penalties.

1. Have you had a cough?

2. Have you had a fever?

3. Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 14 days?

4. Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?

Keeping hands clean

Everyone, including myself, will be required to thoroughly wash their hands with antibacterial hand soap for at least 20-30 before being serviced. Hand sanitizer may only be applied after washing hands with soap and water. I ask that upon your arrival, please do not touch ANYTHING (door handles, sink faucets, etc.). For your safety, I will guide you throughout the entry process when you arrive in order to limit the touching of surfaces. Anything for hand washing and sanitation will be distributed by myself to limit the spread of germs.

You also will not be permitted to use phones during service, FOR ANY REASON, for the exception for payment at the end of service. This is to ensure the timeliness and efficiency of the appointment itself, and to limit the spread of germs that may exist on the surface of the device. Though you may bring your phone with you, it will be required to place it a plastic bag along with your form of payment and sat aside.  You will only be able to bring inside your form of payment and your phone. EVERYTHING ELSE IS PROHIBITED (purses, totes, jackets, water jugs, laptops, etc.) If receiving a pedicure, please wear your flip flops inside (thong sandals are preferred).

temperature checks

 It has been recommended for each client to have their temperature checked prior to entering the salon. Any employee or client who has a temperature above 99°F will be sent home immediately and not allowed to return to the salon/shop until they have no fever and no evidence of COVID-19 symptoms.  Temperature checks will be fully enforced. Though highly recommended, they are not mandated for salon operation.

maintaining social distancing

It is suggested to maintain space between individuals of at least 6 feet, except when employees/staff are servicing clients. I will only service clients by appointment only, via online scheduling or by phone (to answer questions prior to scheduling). The prior policies in regards to scheduling will be the same, including having a card on file to schedule. You also will not be allowed to wait inside the suite or in the waiting areas in the hallways in case of a delay in servicing or disinfecting from the previous client.


Instead, you must wait in your car until time of service. Anyone that is not receiving service that is with you must wait outside the facility and will not be allowed to enter due to limited spacing. Due to the potential discomfort of having to wait outside for extended amounts of time, it is asked that you refrain from bringing others to your scheduled appointment including your children. Also, please keep in mind that the salon is not a place for social gatherings. There is no loitering allowed within or around the suites and outer parts of the facility.

personal protective gear

Everyone will be required to wear a mask at all times- THIS IS MANDATORY. If you have a clean, reusable one of your own, I strongly encourage you to bring it to your appointment. If you wear a disposable mask and it is visibly discolored, you will be provided a new one. Any masks that have to be provided for service will incur an additional cost of $3.00. Since I am providing a hand-to-hand service, I am not requiring clients to wear gloves during service. However, I will wear gloves and a face mask as a precaution while servicing each client. Each pair of gloves will be thrown away after use. 


The suite will be sanitized and disinfected after each client is serviced using EPA- registered disinfecting solutions. This includes, but is not limited to, all surfaces and tools that are used during service. Also, all linens will be contained as outlined in OSHA operating guidelines. Though the touching of door handles will be minimized, I will continue to disinfect door handles as well. The restrooms will continue to be cleaned at least 3 times a day regardless of use with EPA-registered disinfectants. 

payment options

ONLY valid credit/debit cards, Zelle transactions, and cash payments will be accepted. NO OTHER FORMS OF PAYMENT WILL BE ACCEPTED! Cash will remain a preferred form of payment and will be handled accordingly. At time of payment, you may feel free to use the card placed on file when you scheduled your appointment. However, there will be a convenience fee of $5.00 for cards processed using this method. The will be a $2.00 convenience fee applied for any cards physically swiped at the close of service. No additional fees will be added to Zelle or cash payments. 

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